Simple Healthy Swaps: Dishwasher Detergent

Simple Swaps

This is a swap that I just recently made. I was very hesitant to switch to a natural dishwasher detergent, I loved my Finish Quantum tabs. This was the only detergent that seemed to remove everything. Lately, they stopped working as well (or I just go lazier at rinsing dishes before loading the dishwasher), so I figured it was a good time to swap. I didn’t have high expectations. I tried Seventh Generation dishwasher tabs. I was pleasantly surprised! These worked even better than the Finish tabs. And now that I know what ingredients are in the other brands, I’ll stick with my Seventh Generation detergent.

Why? Most conventional dishwasher detergents (especially tabs) contain a ridiculous amount of unnecessary, unhealthy ingredients and chemicals. I was shocked to see that the tabs I was using contained over 12 different fragrance chemicals! Now if you’ve read my past Simple Swaps, you’ll remember that fragrance chemicals found in perfumes, deodorizers and apparently now dishwasher detergent, contain harmful xenoestrogens which cause major hormonal problems including breast cancer. Dishwasher detergents leave residue on dishes, eventually making it into your body by consuming it. No thank you! I also found that most dishwasher detergents contain harmful bleaching agents and chemical coloring made from petroleum (do I really care if my dishwashing tabs are bright red??). On top of that they contain numerous other chemicals. By switching to a natural dishwasher detergent, like Ecover or Seventh Generation, you can be assured that no nasty chemicals will left on your dishes.

Swapping Frugally: I happened to find the Seventh Generation tabs on clearance. Going forward I’ll purchase them on Amazon through their Subscribe and Save program. If you order 5 or more items in one month and are an Amazon Mom member (sign up here for 3 months FREE), you’ll receive 20% off your entire order. Seventh Generation and Ecover also frequently offer coupons for these products that can be paired with a sale in-store for greater savings.

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