Blue Light Blocking Glasses $11 on Amazon (My fav)

If you have any sleep problems at all, I really recommend getting blue light blocking glasses to wear if you watch TV or go on your phone anywhere from 2 hours or less before bed. Blue light from electronics can disrupt sleep hormones making it hard to fall asleep or get a good night sleep.

I bought these blue blocking glasses from Amazon and have been wearing them for several years now. You can spend a fortune on blue blocking glasses, but I’ve found that these work great (and I can tell a difference in my sleep when I don’t wear them around the house in the evening) and they are only $10.99.

It may feel a little funny wearing them at first (my kids wonder why I’m wearing sunglasses in the house when they catch me wearing them in the evenings), but you get used to it and it really has helped my sleep.

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