New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Whole Food Multi as low as $19.98 on Amazon (reg. $30)

Grab a big price cut on New Chapter Perfect Prenatal Vitamins on Amazon! Get a 96 ct. bottle of this New Chapter prenatal for just $23.50. Or, choose Subscribe and Save for an additional 5-15% off, so as low as $19.98!

This sells for $30+ in stores. You can buy up to 3 bottles at this price.

New Chapter is one of my fav brands. I love that they use the methyl form of folate as it’s a lot more absorbable.

MaryRuth’s Organic Supplements up to 35% off Today only on Amazon

Today only, save up to 35% off MaryRuth Organics vitamins and supplements on Amazon!

Save on elderberry, probiotics, multivitamins and more! Here are a few of the best deals included. You can also stack this savings with the 5-15% off Subscribe and Save discount!

MaryRuth’s Nascent Liquid Iodine Supplement Drops Solution as low as $14.93 after 15% S&S! (reg. $23.95)

MaryRuth’s ionic zinc as low as $13.59 after 15% S&S! (reg. $24.95)

MaryRuth’s organic liquid elderberry as low as $13.59 after 15% S&S! (reg. $19.95)

Stock up now at these prices! Check out everything included in the sale here.

Portable Ozone Water Generator $39.99 on Amazon – I love mine!

Have you heard of ozone? I’ve been drinking ozone water for about two years now and love it! According to this study, ozone kills bacteria and viruses, so it’s great to have around and drink as soon as you start to feel sick.

Amazon has an awesome price right now on the Vansu Ozone generator. It’s just $39.99! This is an awesome price considering full ozone machines go for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. This is even lower than what I paid, $69.13 for mine. I’ve been searching for a deal to share on this the past few months, and they’ve been sold out so I’m so excited to find this deal! This is the best price ever seen on a portable ozone unit.

You can also use this machine to clean vegetables and fruit. Just soak the produce in ozonated water for a few minutes and it can remove bacteria and even pesticides. It also keeps produce fresh longer.

Ozone can help kill bacteria, so gargling and swishing it around in my mouth is something I also do.

Source: NCBI. This has been my experience with ozone and these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

NeoCell Super Collagen Powder, 14.1 oz. as low as $15 on Amazon (reg. $30)

Grab a hot price on NeoCell collagen on Amazon!

Get a 14.1 jar of NeoCell Super Collagen Peptides powder for just $17.79! Or, choose Subscribe and Save for an additional 5-15% off, so as low as $15.12.

This is an awesome price as this brand and size normally sells for $29.99. You can buy up to 3 at this price. I bought mine! I’ve been taking collagen for a month now and love the effect it’s had on my skin and hair.

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