Blue Light Blocking Glasses only $8 on Amazon (I own this brand and love it)

If you have any sleep problems at all, I really recommend getting blue light blocking glasses to wear if you watch TV or go on your phone anywhere from 2 hours or less before bed. Blue light from electronics can disrupt sleep hormones making it hard to fall asleep or … Continue Reading

Amazon Prime Pantry: $10 off Select $35, 30% off Clearance and $6 off 5 Select Products Plus My Order

Prime members! Amazon has some awesome new promotions for Prime Pantry orders!

30% off Prime Pantry clearance items using the coupon code PANTRYSAVING
– Several natural and organic deals including Annie’s, Amy’s, Stretch Island, Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyer’s, Peeled Snacks, Bai and many more.

$10 off $35 plus FREE shipping Continue Reading