Simple Healthy Swaps: Sugar-Free Natural and Organic Products

Simple Swaps


In this third special sugar-free Simple Swaps series post, I’ll share my favorite natural and organic sugar-free products.

Why? So many products contain unnecessary sugar. While it seems that avoiding sugar altogether is impossible, I like to eliminate it in any food that I can. The amount of sugar Continue Reading “Simple Healthy Swaps: Sugar-Free Natural and Organic Products”

Simple Healthy Swaps: Stainless Steel Cookware

Simple Swaps

In order for non-stick cookware to remain “non-stick” it is coated with dangerous chemicals that keeps the food from sticking to the pan.  While this is convenient, it comes at a high cost.

Why?  One of the chemicals in non-stick cookware is PFOA (perflourooctanoic acid), which is a known carcinogen … Continue Reading “Simple Healthy Swaps: Stainless Steel Cookware”