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  1. Unfortunately the ‘print coupon’ potion is cut off on my laptop – I’ve tried the link in google chrome, firefox, and explorer but no luck. I had had luck in the past however on my spouse’s mac (I have a Lenovo laptop).

    I’d you’d like I’d be happy to email you a screenshot. Just let me know what email address is best.

    PS I’m fairly fluent in couponing.

  2. Very frustrating– I tried printing coupons from my phone (it’s worked in the past), but my phone said my printer was offline (it wasn’t). Then when I tried printing from my computer (from Chrome, the page was cut off on Safari and Firefox, so there wasn’t even a print coupons icon), it only printed a few of the coupons, and not the ones I came here to print! Maybe it thought that I had already printed them, but I had to cancel, since it kept coming up as my printer being offline. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t print the coupons that I was excited to print and use!

  3. You need to change the width of page. It does not allow for the “Print” button to show on the top right. It is cut off.

    • Thanks Sissy, I changed it so there is no side column showing on this page. Can you please let me know if you are able to print now? It’s always shown fine on my Mac so I’m not sure what’s showing on other computers, hoping this helps.

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