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Here’s a roundup of current natural and organic printable coupons along with new additions for the week to use on your favorite healthy products. Whether you are eating Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, organic or just eat healthier, you’ll find plenty of coupons to fit your diet. Using printable organic coupons has helped me save over 50% off my healthy grocery budget. I just take a few minutes a week to go through this organic coupons roundup and print them before I head to the store.

Just click the coupon links below to print each coupon.

Natural, Organic & Healthy Coupons Roundup

Updated January 4th 2021

Organic Baby/ Kids Products Coupons

Affording organic baby food and natural diapers and other natural baby products is easy with these printable natural baby product coupons!

$.75 off any Gerber cereal *NEW*

$.50 off any Gerber Mealtime Harvest or Organic Grain & Grow Morning Bowls *NEW*

$1 off any 6 Gerber puree tubs *NEW*

$1.50 off any 4 Gerber snacks *NEW*

$.75 off any 2 Gerber organic puree jars *NEW*

Organic Baking/Spices Coupons

Use these coupons to save on a variety of Paleo, gluten-free, and organic baking products.

$.50 off any CH organic raw cane sugar

$.50 off any Domino organic raw cane sugar

$.55 off any Florida Crystals sugar

Many Stevia, Honey, Monk Fruit and Sugar in the Raw coupons

Natural Beverages Coupons

Swap out regular drinks for natural and organic beverages and save using these printable coupons.

$1 off any 2 52 oz. Florida’s Natural orange juice *NEW*

$1.50 off any Gerber Fruit Infused Water or Oat Milk Smoothie 4 pack *NEW*

$1.50 off any Perrier .5L 6 pack or slim can 10 pack *NEW*

$1.50 off any So Delicious Oakmilk creamer *NEW*

Organic Breakfast/Bars Coupons

Start your day out healthy by saving on these organic and natural breakfast foods.

$1 off any Birch Benders product *NEW*

Organic Chips/ Snacks Coupons

Save on several popular natural and organic snack products and candy.

$.75 off any Back to Nature product *NEW*

$1 off any Barnana product *NEW*

$1 off any Lily’s product

$1 off any Simple Mills product

$1 off any 4.4 oz.+ multipack or bag of SkinnyPop popcorn *NEW*

$1 off Whole Fruit fruit bars

Organic Dairy/ Non-Dairy/ Eggs Coupons

You’ll find plenty of organic dairy product coupons as well as dairy alternative coupons to help you save on your grocery bill.

$1 off any Daiya Cheese product

$1 off any 2 Noosa yogurts *NEW*

$1 off any Pete & Gerry’s eggs

Natural and Organic Frozen/ Meats/ Vegetarian Entrees Coupons

Saving on organic meat can make a huge difference in your grocery budget! You’ll also find a variety of vegetarian and other healthy frozen meal product coupons.

$1 off any Green Giant Veggie Tots, Riced Veggies, Roasted Veggies, Harvest Protein Bowls or Cauliflower Pizza Crust

$1 off any Green Giant Veggie Spirals

Gluten-Free Coupons

Gluten-free doesn’t have to be expensive! Print several gluten-free coupons and save!

$1.50 off any Bakery on Main product

$1.50 off any Enjoy Life product $3+

$1 off any Mikey’s English Muffins

Household and Healthy Essentials and Pet Coupons

Ditch chemical products for natural household products with these healthy alternative coupons.

$5 off any 2 lb. The Honest Kitchen dog food

Organic Pasta/ Soups/ Packaged Food Coupons

There are always plenty of natural, organic and healthy alternative packaged product coupons!

$.50 off any 2 packages of Annie’s products *NEW*

$1 off any Flat-out Wrap or Foldit *NEW*

$.75 off any Prego Farmer’s Market *NEW*

$1 off any SunButter product

$1 off any 2 S&W organic beans

$1 off any Tasty Bite product 

$1 off any Wild Planet product

Natural Personal Care/ Supplements Coupons

Save on natural hair and beauty products along with supplements with the below healthy coupons.

$1 off any Colgate Charcoal or Hemp Seed oil toothpaste *NEW*

$1 off any Emergen-C product *NEW*

$2 off any Jarrow Formulas product

$1 off any Nature’s Truth essential oil *NEW*

$3 off any Nature’s Way product (sign up for emails)

$3 off any Nature’s Way Primadophilus Fortify product

$2 off any Playtex Simply Gentle Glide tampons *NEW*

Organic Produce

Organic produce coupons can be hard to find so print these fruit and vegetable coupons while they are available.

$.75 off any 3 Avocados from Mexico *NEW*

New organic coupons since the previous week’s roundup are marked *NEW*. Reset coupons are marked *RESET*. This means you should be able to print the coupon again, even if you printed it in the past. Coupon links are valid as of the time posted and could change at any time. You should be able to print two of most coupons.  For more information on Hopster coupons, go here

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