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organic coupons

Here’s a roundup of current natural and organic printable coupons along with new additions for the week to use on your favorite organic products. Just click the links below to print each coupon. 


$5 off any Earth’s Best infant formula

$1.50 off any Earth’s Best diapers

Buy 1 Happy Baby organic baby food pouch, get 1 FREE

$1 off any 3 Happy Baby Clearly Crafted products *NEW*

$.75 off any Happy Family Snack

$1 off any Little Duck product

$1 off any Plum Organics kids Mashups, 4 or 8 ct.

Buy 1 Sprout organic pouch, get 1 FREE

$1 off any Sprout snack


$1 off any Annie’s baking product

$1 off any Bob’s Red Mill product and $1 off any Bob’s Red Mill product

$1 off any Dr. Bronner’s organic virgin coconut oil

$1 off any Frontier bottled spice or extract and here

$1 off any Immaculate Baking product

$1 off any NOW Foods Better Stevia product

$1.50 off any 2 Simply Organic bottles spices or extracts and here

$1 off any Wholesome! organic frosting

$1 off any Wholesome! organic honey

$1 off any Wholesome! organic blue agave

$1 off any Wholesome! organic coconut palm syrup


$1 off any Apple & Eve Quenchers juices

$2 off any Ella’s Kitchen toddler drink

$2 off any 2 Evolution Fresh juices

$1 off any Izze 4-pack  *NEW*

 $2.50 off any 2 Izze 4-packs *NEW*

$1 off any Simply Orange juice, 59 oz. *NEW*

$1 off any 2 Zevia 6-packs


$.75 off any Annie’s cereal

$1 off any Annie’s cereal

$1 off any Barbara’s cereal

$1 off any 2 Larabar, Uber or Alt multipacks or Larabar Bites

$2 Pacific organic steel cut oatmeal *NEW*


$.75 off any Annie’s snack

$1 off any 2 Annie Chun’s seaweed snacks and here

$1 off any Bitsy’s Brainfood Smart Crackers  *NEW*

$1 off any 2 Bitsy’s Brainfood Smart Cookies *NEW*

$.75 off any Blue Diamond Nut Thins

$1 off any Clif Kid multipack

$1 off any bag Dang onion chip

$1 off any 2 Dang products 

Buy 1 Justin’s Peanut Butter and Banana snack, Get 1 FREE

$1 off any 2 Kettle Brand products

$1 off any 2 Kettle Brand products *NEW*

$1.50 off any Rhythm Superfoods snack 

$1 off any Surf Sweets product


$1 off any Annie’s yogurt tubes or cups

$1 off any Earth Balance product and here

$1.50 off any Earth Balance product (share to print)

$1 off any Earth Balance buttery spread product *NEW*

$1 off any Earth Balance® Buttery Spread or Sticks *NEW*

$1 off any Earth Balance® Nut Butters *NEW*

$1 off any Good Belly product

$2 off any Good Karma flax product 

$1 off any 2 Green Valley Organics lactose-free yogurt cups

$2 off any 3 Green Valley Organics lactose-free yogurt cups

$.30 off any Liberte yogurt cup

$1 off any Organic Valley dozen eggs

$1 off any Smart Balance Spread

$2.50 off any 2 Stonyfield organic yogurt quarts

$2.50 off any 2 Stonyfield organic yogurt YoKids Squeezers, 8 ct.

$1.25 off any Stonyfield organic YoKids yogurt

$1 off any 3 Stonyfield organic grass-fed yogurt cups

$1 off any Stonyfield quart *NEW*

Frozen/Meats/Vegetarian Entrees

$1 off any Applegate bacon

$1 off any Applegate hot dogs and here

$1 off any Applegate dinner sausage and here

$1 off any Applegate organic chicken nuggets and here

$.75 off any Applegate product