Simple Swaps: Non-GMO Foods


While GMOs have recently been making headlines, they are not new.  GMOs have been around for a few decades, which has contributed to the increase in allergic reactions, neurological disorders and many other chronic health conditions.  GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are foods that have been engineered using bacteria, viruses and other plants.  They are also created using in-bred pesticides.  Some common GMO foods are corn, soy, cotton and rapeseed (canola).

Why? Unfortunately, corn and other produce can no longer be assumed to be God-made.  You wouldn’t know it by looking at it. This food which was intended as a natural health food, is now often times GMO.  There are many problems caused by changing the genetic structure of food.  If, for example, corn is crossed with DNA from another food, such as peanuts, the unsuspecting peanut-allergic consumer of corn could have a deadly allergic reaction to the peanut DNA in the corn.  Also, by modifying it with bacteria and viruses, the body is unable to process it properly causing digestive disorders and potentially autoimmune diseases.  By mixing the DNA with pesticides, there is no ability to rinse the pesticide off, it’s part of the food.  Pesticides wreak havoc on the body, causing cancers, neurological disorders and mood disorders.

Swapping Frugally: Fortunately, organic food is not legally allowed to contain GMOs.  Buying organic insures that you will avoid GMOs.  Budget friendly Trader Joe’s has publicly made a statement that they don’t include any GMOs in their store brand products.  Affordable lines like Meijer Naturals and Meijer Organics have vowed to not use GMOs.  Be sure if the product contains any type of corn (high fructose corn syrup, corn starch, tortilla chips), soy (soybean oil, tofu, soy lecithin), cotton (cottonseed oil) or rapeseed (rapeseed oil, canola oil) that it is organic or labeled GMO-free.  Follow my store matchups and coupon roundups to get deals on organic, non-gmo foods.

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If you haven’t joined Recyclebank yet, now is a great time to join!  It’s free and you can redeem points you earn for high value natural and organic coupons.  For more information on how to join, see my post here.

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LuckyVitamin.Com Coupon Codes

lucky vitamin


Lucky Vitamin is offering some great coupon codes to save on their already discounted prices.  Lucky Vitamin has a huge selection of natural vitamins, organic foods and natural healing products priced below many other vitamin sites. I use it for many of my purchases, it’s a lot cheaper than buying in store.

Go here to visit Lucky Vitamin’s site and enter the coupon codes listed below, at checkout.

10% off Tera’s organic whey and goat protein
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