The Only Non-Toxic Christmas Tree I’ve Found- PVC & Flame Retardant Free

It’s nearly impossible to find a non-toxic Christmas tree that isn’t doused in toxic flame retardants and made from PVC. I nearly lost hope in finding a non-toxic tree until I checked out Ikea’s line of Christmas trees.

Non-Toxic Christmas Tree

Ikea has 3 different size options of Christmas trees, 70.75″, 59″ and 55″. We bought the tallest one, which still is a little shorter than I’d like, but I’ll take that over flame retardants filling up my home. Ikea’s trees are made from PET plastic, instead of toxic PVC. I also called Ikea to verify that none of their Christmas trees contain flame retardants.

Ikea’s trees are unlit, so you’ll have to add your own Christmas lights.

I have chemical sensitivities, so anytime we put up our old tree, my health suffered, so it’s crucial for me to have a non-toxic tree. If you are looking for a more natural option or have chemical sensitivities, Ikea Christmas trees are a great non-toxic alternative.

Update: This year, 2021, Ikea is offering a taller Christmas tree, 82.75″. You can also get an 80.75″, 67″ or 59″.

Natural trees are also an alternative, but be careful as most contain toxic pesticides. Find an organic tree but be sure to treat it naturally for bugs, so you don’t end up bringing a bunch of beetles, mites and spiders which are commonly found on spruce, pine and fir trees.

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