Simple Swaps: Chlorine-Free Diapers

7th gen diapers

Before Silas was born, I was set on using cloth diapers.  My husband wasn’t convinced, but he was supportive.  As it got closer to my due date, I started getting cold feet and decided to opt out and use chlorine-free diapers instead.  I was afraid it would be too much work.  I definitely give credit to the moms that cloth diaper, and it is the healthiest choice. But, if you are using disposable diapers and want an easy transition, chlorine-free is a much healthier option than chlorine-bleached diapers.

Why? The chlorine used to bleach conventional diapers releases dioxins, which are toxic chemical compounds.   Dioxins are known to be one of the top 12 most dangerous chemicals.  According to the WHO (World Health Organization), dioxins cause reproductive and developmental problems, hormonal disorders, cancers and damage to the immune system.  This is especially dangerous to the immature immune system of a baby.   The chlorine is also responsible for diaper rash (along with ointments and chlorine bleached wipes).  We’ve been using chlorine-free diapers and wipes since Silas was born and he has never had diaper rash or needed any ointment.


Swapping Frugally: Amazon Mom is the best way to save on chlorine-free diapers.  (See my post here on how to join and save $20 off your first diaper purchase).  Currently, you can get Seventh Generation size 3 diapers for $.23 a diaper through Amazon Mom Subscribe and Save (see the bottom of my post here for more info. on using Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save) and by clipping the $4 Amazon e-coupon.  As a price comparison, chlorine-bleached Huggies Snug and Dry size 3 sell for $.21 a diaper at Walmart.  A $.02 price difference per diaper is minimal considering the health benefits.  Earth’s Best is another chlorine-free brand that we like, and these sell for $.26 a diaper using Amazon Mom Subscribe and Save.  Often times, there will be a coupon on Amazon for these as well.  Keep in mind, unlike other Subscribe and Save purchases, you do not need to order 5+ items to receive the discount on diapers or wipes.

Seventh Generation offers diapers and wipes coupons (see my post here for a high-value coupon).  Target sometimes has these diapers on sale, so paired with a coupon, I’ve often bought them for as low as $.15-$.18 a diaper.  You can send an email to both Seventh Generation and Earth’s Best to request coupons to be mailed to you.

Seventh Generation chlorine-free wipes sell for about $.03 a wipe on Amazon with Amazon Mom Subscribe and Save, while Huggies chlorine bleached wipes sell for just $.01 less at $.02 a wipe.  Again, that’s not a huge price increase considering the benefits.

What are some ways you save on natural diapers?  I don’t have experience with cloth diapers, so if you do, please share your tips!

$3 Burt’s Bees Coupon


Head over to to print a high-value coupon for $3 off any Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration face care product.

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New $1 Kashi Cereal Coupon


I’m loving all of these Kashi cereal coupons!  Head over to where you can print a new $1 off any Kashi GoLean Vanilla Graham or Heart to Heart Nutty Chia Flax cereal.

Go here to print.  Don’t forget, you can print two!  Change the zip code under the local tab to 03103 if the coupon is not appearing for you and sort by “Foods” under category.

Natural and Organic Kroger Matchups- 5/28 – 6/9/13


Updated 6/3

Here are the best natural and organic deals at Kroger this week (5/28-6/9)

Organic Vidalia sweet onions $.99 lb
Organic blueberries 4.4-6 oz. $2.50
Organic roma tomatoes $1.80 lb

Cabo Fresh guacamole $3.99
$4 off any Cabo Fresh product (no prints left, must have already printed it.)
FREE after coupon! (Cashier will need to adjust it down)

Free 1 dozen Simple Truth eggs when you purchase any 3 Kashi or Silk items.
Buy 2 Kashi Go Lean cereals $2.99 through 6/16 (reg. $3.28)
$2/2 Kashi cereals
Buy 1 Silk soymilk $2.99 through 6/9 (reg. $3.09)
Check for $.55 coupon near Silk products
$6.42 for 2 boxes of cereal, 1 1/2 gallon Silk and 1 dozen eggs. Just $1.61 per item!

Simple Truth organic milk half gallon $2.99

Select Simple Truth Bars $.80 each
$.50 off 2 Simple Truth nutrition bars
$.55 each after coupon

Go Veggie non dairy cream cheese $2.99
$1 off any Go Veggie shred or cream cheese
$1.99 after coupon

Go Veggie Shreds $2.79
$1 off any Go Veggie shred or cream cheese
$1.79 after coupon

Amy’s breakfast burritos $2.09 through 6/23 (reg. $2.39)
$1.50 off any Amy’s frozen meal
$.89 after coupon

Amy’s select frozen entrees $3.77-$3.79 regular price
$1.50 off any Amy’s frozen meal
$2.27-$2.28 after coupon

Amy’s gluten free vegetable lasagna $3 through 6/9 (reg. $3.77)
$1.50 off any Amy’s frozen meal
$1.50 after coupon

Alexia frozen sweet potato fries, oven fries or oven reds $3 through 6/23(reg. $3.99)

Simple Truth 10 oz. frozen organic corn, peans, mixed vegetables, green beans or broccoli $1.89 through 6/23 (reg. $2.19)

Simple Truth 10 oz. frozen organic strawberries or raspberries $3.09 through 6/23 (reg. $4.09)
$.75 off 1 Simple Truth frozen fruit
$2.34 after coupon

Gardein frozen chicken fingers, chicken scallopini or beefless tips $4.19
$1 off any Gardein frozen entree
$3.19 after coupon

Food for Life gluten free brown rice bread $4.99 through 6/23 (reg. $5.49)
$1 off any 2 Food for Life products
$4.49 each after coupon

Food Should Taste Good select chips 5.5 oz. $2.50 through 6/9 (reg. $2.99)
$.75 off any Food Should Taste good product
$1.75 after coupon

Select Quorn meatless entrees $3.99

World’s Best all natural cat litter $8.29
Try me free rebate here
$3 off any World’s Best cat litter
FREE after rebate plus potential $3 overage!

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