3 FREE Twinings Organic Tea Samples

Twinings organic tea

Yum, I love Twinings tea! Even better, they offer many organic varieties! Head over here to choose 3 samples to be shipped to you for FREE!  Choose from 9 different organic flavors. Bonus, you should receive a 15% off coupon for online orders after you request your samples!

Thanks CouponPro!

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Whole Foods: $4.99 lb. Grass-Fed Beef

WF Grass Fed Beef Sale

Wow, here’s a great sale coming up at Whole Foods! On Friday, 9/13, you can get grass-fed beef at Whole Food’s locations for just $4.99 lb! Here are the details from Whole Food’s site:

Here’s the beef! This Friday only, our continental US and most Canada stores* will have ground grass-fed beef on sale for $4.99 per pound**. If you haven’t tried grass-fed beef before, this is the perfect time to see what everyone’s talking about. The rest of you “seasoned” grass-fed beef lovers can take advantage of this opportunity and stock up! This sale is one day only so you’ve got to stop by our stores this Friday, September 13th to pick some up.

*Sorry this sale is not valid in our British Columbia, Hawaii and UK stores. **The sale price in our Ontario stores is $1.19 per 100 grams.

Availability and limits may vary by region, so please contact your store for details. While supplies last. Most of our stores do not provide rain checks for sales like this.

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Target: Organic Eggs, Tazo Organic Chai Latte and GoGo Squeez Deals


There are a few more great deals that you can get at Target this week in addition to the Target ad matchups I posted earlier this week.

Target organic eggs

Simply Balanced organic eggs, 1 dz. $3.99 (until 9/14)
$.50 off any Simply Balanced organic eggs (Target coupon) PLUS
5% off any Simply Balanced organic eggs (Target Cartwheel)
$3.31 after coupons

GoGo Sqeez applesauce pouches, 4-pack $2 (until 9/28)
$.65 off any GoGo Squeez product (Facebook)
$1.35 after coupon

Tazo organic Chai Latte, 1 Qt. $3 (until 9/28)
$1.25 off any Tazo Chai Latte concentrate (zip 62946)
$1.75 after coupon

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Whole Foods Coupon Matchups and Deals 9/11-9/17/13

whole foods

Here are the best natural and organic coupon matchups and deals at Whole Foods this week.  Whole Foods allows the stacking of a manufacturer coupon with their store coupon. There is no limit to the number of store coupons you can use in a transaction. They also offer a bulk discount of 10%. Quantity varies by product. For Whole Foods’ complete coupon policy, go here. Sales and products may vary from store to store. New to couponing?  See my post here first.

Whole Foods Natural and Organic Coupon Matchups and Deals  9/11-9/17/13


Organic Bartlett pears $1.69 lb.

Organic grapes $2.49 lb.


Earth Balance buttery spread, 2 lb. $7.99 (until 9/17)
$1 off any Earth Balance culinary spread (WF coupon)
$6.99 after coupon

Go Veggie vegan rice slices $2.39 (until 9/17)
$1 off any Go Veggie product (Facebook) or here
$1.39 after coupon

Rumiano organic monterey jack  cheese $3.99 (until 10/1)
$1 off any Rumiano cheese
$2.99 after coupon

So Delicious yogurt cups $1.99- buy 3
So Delicious $1/1 dairy free product (11/30) 9/8 SS #2- use 3 or
$.55 off any So Delicious dairy free product or here or here (Facebook) or here -use 3 PLUS
$1 off any 3 So Delicious dairy free products (WF coupon)
$.66- $1.11 each after coupons


Dr. Praeger’s California veggie burgers, 11 oz. $2.99 (until 9/17)
$1 off any Dr. Praeger’s item
$1.99 after coupons


Arrowhead Mills organic unbleached white flour $2.98 (until 9/17)
$1 off any Arrowhead Mills product
$1.98 after coupon

Back to Nature macaroni and cheese 6 oz. boxes $2.19 (reg.)- buy 2
$1 off any Back to Nature product (Facebook)- use 2 PLUS
$1 off any 2 Back to Nature dinners (WF coupon)
$.69 each after coupons

MaraNatha no-stir almond butter $5.99 (until 9/17)
$1 off any MaraNatha product
$4.99 after coupon

Annie Chun’s miso soup noodle bowl $1.69 (until 10/1)
$.50 off any Annie Chun’s product 
$1.19 after coupon

Arrowhead Mills cereal, 10-12 oz. $3 (until 9/17)
$1 off any Arrowhead Mills product
$2 after coupon

Glutino toaster pastries $3.99 (until 10/1)
$.55 off any Glutino product
$3.44 after coupon

Westsoy soy milk 32 oz. shelf-stable $1.99 (reg.)
$1 off any Westsoy non-dairy beverage (WF coupon)
$.99 after coupon

Dream Blends non-dairy beverage, 32 oz. shelf-stable $1.99 (until 9/23)
$1 off any Dream non-dairy beverage or dessert
$.99 after coupon

Little Duck tiny fruits $3.39 (until 10/1)
$.50 off any Little Duck’s tiny fruits (or boost to $1, more on Hopster here)
$2.39-$2.89 after coupon

Kettle Brand chips, 5 oz. $2 (until 9/17)
$1 off any Kettle Brand potato chips 4 oz. or larger (zip code 21918)
$1 each after coupons

Back to Nature crackers 4-8.5 oz. $3 (until 9/17)
$1 off any Back to Nature product (Facebook) PLUS
$.50 off any Back to Nature cookie, cracker, granola or nut item (WF coupon)
$1.50 after coupon

Back to Nature granola,  12.5 oz. $4.99 (until 9/17)
$1 off any Back to Nature product (Facebook) PLUS
$.50 off any Back to Nature cookie, cracker, granola or nut item (WF coupon)
$3.49 after coupon

Udi’s gluten-free granola bars, 5 ct. $4.99 (until 9/17)
$1 off any Udi’s gluten free product
$3.99 after coupon

Clif Kit’s organic fruit and nut bar $1.19- buy 2
$1.50 off any 2 Clif Kit’s bars (WF coupon)
$.44 each after coupon

Clif Mojo bars, singles $.99- buy 3
Clif $.50/1 mojo bar, mojo dipped bar or mojo 6pk (exp. 10/13) 8/18 SS- use 3
$1 off any 3 Clif Mojo bar (WF coupon)
$.47 or $.16 each after coupons

Honest Kids organic juice, 8 pack $4 (until 9/17)
$.50 off any Honest Kids product
$3.50 after coupon

KeVita sparkling probiotic drink, 15.2 oz. $2.69
$1 off any bottle of KeVita
$1.69 after coupon


BioKleen all-purpose cleaner, 32 oz. $3.99 (until 10/1)
$1 off any BioKleen cleaning product
$2.99 after coupon

To change you zip code to print a coupon, just do so at the top of the page you’re brought to after clicking the coupon link.

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