Natural and Organic Meijer Matchups 5/19/13



Here are the best natural and organic deals at Meijer this week!

Meijer (5/19-5/25)

*Check your MPerks account for additional savings.  See my post here on how to sign up for MPerks. Coupons may vary per account.

*Remember, most coupons can be printed twice!


Buy 3 Meijer Organics or Naturals items, get $1 off your next Meijer Organics or Naturals purchase, but 4, save $2, or buy 5+ save $3 off your next purchase.


Organic raspberries $3

Meijer Organics portabella, baby bella  or grill cap mushrooms $2.50

Organic strawberries $2.99


Go Veggie shreds $2.50

$1.25 coupon here

$1.25 each after coupon


Select Kashi cereals $3.00

$2/2 coupon here or here on Recyclebank

$2.00 each after coupon


Newman’s Own organic salad dressing $3.59

$.50 coupon here (Meijer will double to $1)

$2.59 each after coupon


Deboles gluten free angel hair pasta $2.39 (reg. $2.79)


Maple Groves sugar free pancake and waffle mix or gluten free mix $2.99 (reg. $3.29)

$1 off 2 Maple Grove products here

$2.49 each after coupon


Maple Groves dark amber maple syrup $7.49 (reg. $7.99

$1 off 2 Maple Grove products here

$6.99 each after coupon


Meijer Naturals Whole Wheat pasta $.99 (thanks Bargains to Bounty!  For more Meijer deals go here.)

Deal idea:

Buy 5 Meijer Naturals Whole Wheat pasta $.99 each

Pay $4.95

Get $3 back to spend on your next Meijer Naturals or Organics purchase

$.39 each item after $3 back!


Happy Baby Stage 2 Organic Food pouch $1.10

$.50 off any Happy Family item (Meijer will double to $1)

$.10 each after coupon (thanks Bargains to Bounty! For more Meijer deals go here.)


Seventh Generation liquid laundry detergent 100 oz. $10.99 (reg. $12.99)


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Natural and Organic Coupon Round Up 5/19/13

purchased natural and organic coupon roundup

Here’s a round up of the best natural and organic coupons of the week!

$.55 off any Florida Crystals natural or organic sugar product

$.65 off any Florida Crystals organic agave product

$.65 off any Domino organic agave product

$2 off any 2 Kashi cereals

$.50 off any Newman’s Own salad dressing

$1 off any 2 Maple Grove Farms products

$1 off any Barbara’s gluten free product

$1 off any Rudi’s gluten free product

$1.50 off any Amy’s Kitchen frozen meal (Facebook)

$2 off any Van’s Natural Food’s product (Facebook)

$.75 off any Earthbound Farm’s product (sign up required)

$1 off any Cascadian Farms product (Facebook)

$1.25 off any Go Veggie dairy free cream cheese or shred

$1 off any Simply Organic baking mix

$1 off any 2 Simply Organic glass bottle spices

$.50 off any Simply Organic mini spice

$.50 off any Simply Organic 2 oz. extract or flavor

$.50 off any Simply Organic grilling season or marinade

$1 off Simply Organic 4 oz. vanilla

$1 off any Simply Organic grinder

Recyclebank Coupons

$2 off any Avalon Organics product (50 points)

$2 off any 2 Kashi Organic Promise cereal (50 points)

$2 off any Nature’s Gate product (25 points)

$5 off $50 at Plum Market (75 points)

$2 off any Earth Friendly product (20 points)

and more.

Amazon Coupons

20% off Larabar

20% off select Enjoy Life gluten free products

and more.

Whole Foods – Can only be used at Whole Foods.  Most WF locations allow stacking a store and manufacturer coupon.

$1 off any 2 Kashi Heart to Heart products

$.75 off any Earth Balance soymilk

$1 off any 2 Stonyfield quarts organic yogurt

$1 off any 3 Larabars

and more.

Browse through hundreds more coupons here.


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10 Ways to Eat Organic on a Budget

purchased 10 ways to eat organic on a budget

When my husband and I first transitioned to a healthier lifestyle, our grocery bill for the two of us was over $600 a month.  Due to health reasons, I was on a very strict, organic diet.  We were on a tight budget, but we had no choice but to shell out the cash each month for healthy food.  I didn’t think that couponing and healthy living went hand in hand.  Most of the deals I had been finding didn’t work with my new diet.  I got creative and found many ways to afford this new healthy lifestyle and was able to bring our budget down by several hundred dollars per month, while still enjoying my favorite hobby of couponing!  Here’s how I’ve been able to live healthy on a budget.

1. Search the expired rack at grocery stores.  Usually found in the back of the produce section is a rack with bruised or nearly expired fruits and veggies.  Many times, you can find organic items back there.  I’ve found organic green peppers, organic peaches, bananas and organic lettuce.  I wash and prepare it immediately once I’m home and either freeze it, bake with it or use it in that night’s dinner.

2.  Collect organic coupons.  There are so many resources for getting coupons for your favorite organic products. specializes in all healthy/organic coupons. and often offer organic coupons.  Recyclebank is a site that offers rewards, such as coupons for healthy products, for completing simple quizzes, pledges and other activities.  Pair these coupons with a sale, and they often end up cheaper than their unhealthy counterparts!

3. Buy store brand organic.  Many stores now offer their own, affordable line of organic products.  Meijer has their Meijer Organic and Naturals line.  Kroger recently launched their line of organic products, Simple Truth.  Some Aldi stores are in the process of rolling out organic products.  Trader Joe’s offers natural/organic products at reasonable prices.

4. Buy online. Amazon sells many natural and organic products in bulk at a discount.  On top of that, they offer coupons and additional discounts when using their Subscribe and Save program.  By choosing the Subscribe and Save option, you can save an additional 5%-20% off the already low price.  You can then receive shipments of the same product every 1-6 months or choose to cancel at any time.  Vitamin discount sites like Lucky Vitamin offer vitamins and health foods at a much lower price than many stores.

5. Buy from a local farmer.  We purchase our grass-fed beef from a local farmer.  We typically buy a 1/4 cow, which lasts us about 6 months.  The price comes out to about $2.80 per pound hanging weight, which is much cheaper than buying grass-fed beef in store.

6. Shop the warehouses. I’ve found that Costco offers some of the best prices on organic chicken and organic ground beef.  They also carry many organic fruits, veggies and packaged foods.

7. Buy in bulk.  Whole Foods, Better Health and Kroger, just to name a few, offer many healthy herbs and foods in the bulk section.  You can save quite a bit on rice, oats, herbs, spices, nuts and seeds just by avoiding packages and buying in bulk.

8. Write a letter.  Many companies will send you coupons and samples, just by sending off a quick email to them.  I’ve received coupons from Food for Life, Seventh Generation and Earth’s Best after contacting them.  Also, companies like Silk and Earthbound Farms frequently send coupons via email by signing up to be on their email list.

9. Shop clearance.  Generally, when we think of clearance items, food doesn’t usually cross our minds.  Many regular chain stores now carry organic products, but often times they don’t sell before the expiration date, causing the stores to mark them down very low for a quick sale.  I’ve found organic cereals, bars, oatmeal, noodles and other organic products on clearance at Meijer, Kroger and even Whole Foods and Zerbos.  Often times, there is a coupon available for the product too, which makes for some super cheap organic food!

10. Stick to the clean fifteen.  If you can’t afford to always buy organic there are certain foods that have less pesticide residue than others. Bananas, avocado, oranges and pineapple all have thick skin, decreasing the chances of the pesticide reaching the edible part.  Try to buy the “dirty dozen” (foods with the highest pesticide residue) organic.  The dirty dozen include: apples, carrots, cherries, celery, kale, nectarines, peaches, sweet bell peppers, strawberries, lettuce, grapes and pears.  The clean fifteen include: avocado, kiwi, sweet corn, watermelon, shelling peas, pineapple, papaya, mangoes, onions, garlic, cabbage, broccoli, blueberries, bananas and asparagus and have less pesticide residue.

Also, if you can’t buy all organic, you can soak your fruits or veggies in a solution that will eliminate much of the pesticide residue.  Fill a large bowl with filtered water and 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide and soak the fruit/veggies for 15 minutes, then rinse.

With a little thinking outside the box, you can live a healthy life on a small budget.  What are some ways you save??


Healthy Deals- Store Match Ups 5/15/13

Here are the best healthy deals of the week at various stores.   There are a lot of great deals this week!  I was able to get 9 boxes of organic cereal, 1 roll of paper towel, organic orange juice, organic mushrooms, 2 packs of guacamole, salsa, organic carrots and all natural cat litter for just $17.75!  Who says eating healthy has to be expensive! 🙂  See below to get deals like mine!

*Remember, most coupons can be printed twice.




Simple Truth organic grape tomatoes 2/$5

Simple Truth organic romaine hearts $2.99

Miller Amish Country boneless chicken breast $3.99 lb

Simple Truth cage free eggs 2/$5


Silk Soymilk/Coconut milk/Almond milk $2.99

-$.55 coupon here

$2.44 per half gallon after coupon


Mom’s Best Cereal $2 (through 5/26)

-$1.50 off 3 here

$1.50 per box after coupon


Van’s Gluten free/Whole Grain waffles $2.99

$2.00 coupon here

$.99 each after coupon


World’s Best all natural cat litter $8.29

Try me free rebate here

FREE after rebate




*Check your MPerks account for additional savings.  See my post here on how to sign up for MPerks. Coupons may vary per account.  I had some good coupons to clip: $2/2 Kashi, $1 Earthbound organic lettuce mix, $.50 off Newman’s Own dressing, $.75 off organic orange juice $.50 off organic oats and more*

Buy 3 Meijer Organics or Naturals items, get $1 off your next Meijer Organics or Naturals purchase, but 4, save $2, or buy 5+ save $3 off your next purchase (through 5/25)

Extra large avacadoes $1 each (because of the thick skin, I don’t always buy these organic)

Meijer organics whole white or minibella mushrooms $1.66 (check for clearance, I got mine for $1!)


Earthbound Farms organic carrots $1.25

$.75 coupon- sign up here to print

$.50 each after coupon


Wholly Guacamole $2.50 each

$1.00 coupon- like their Facebook page here to print

$1.50 each after coupon


Arrowhead Mills puffed rice cereal $1.69

$1.00 coupon here

$.69 each after coupon


Newman’s Own organic salad dressing $3.59

$.50 coupon here + Meijer will double this coupon= $1 savings

$2.59 each after coupon


Meijer Organics assorted noodles 2/$5

Buy 5, save $3 off your next purchase

$1.90 each after savings


Meijer clearance (may vary by store, I shopped at the Grand River and Wixom Rd. location)


Barbara’s Bakery Puffins cereal $2.79

$1.00 coupon here

$1.79 each after coupon

Cascadian Farms cereal (hearty morning and granola) $2.51

$1.00 coupon here or $1/2 on found on some boxes

$1.51 each after coupon

Kashi Simply Maize organic cereal $2.40

$2/2 coupon here or on Recyclebank (see my post here on how to use Recyclebank to get free coupons)

$1.40 each after coupon

Maple Grove Farms organic pancake mix $2.30 (reg. $3.29)

$1/2 coupon here

$1.80 each after coupon



Kashi Berry Fruitful cereal $2.28

$2/2 coupon here or on Recyclebank (see my post here on how to use Recyclebank to get free coupons)

$1.28 each after coupon

*Bonus- Check out their women’s and children clothing clearance, lots of deals to be had!

Don’t want to leave the house?  Browse through Amazon’s organic groceries


Did I miss a deal? Please comment with any healthy deals you have found this week!
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Garlic Broccoli with Crispy Onions

My husband hates broccoli.  I’ve tried steaming it, baking it, boiling it and smothering cheese all over it, and he still hated it. A couple of weeks ago, we were having “eat what we’ve got” month in our house, where I’ll create recipes using the grocery items we have on hand. I had some frozen broccoli and a bunch of crispy onion cans from Trader Joe’s.  I added some other ingredients we had on hand and came up with a new broccoli dish.  I expected my husband to hate it like the other ones I had tried (he is a good sport to continue trying my broccoli dishes though!) and he loved it!  He even asks that I make it again and looks forward to that more than the meat I cook with it!  Let me know what you think of my “eat what we’ve got” concoction!

Garlic Broccoli with Crispy Onions


  • 1 bag of frozen organic broccoli
  • 2 tablespoons of soy sauce (I use Bragg Liquid Aminos soy sauce)
  • 2 tablespoons of Trader Joe's garlic infused organic olive oil (you can use 2 TB of olive oil with garlic powder sprinkled in if you don't have the garlic oo)
  • 1/2 can crispy onions (I use Trader Joe's brand, they have clean ingredients)
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt
  • Pepper to taste


  1. 1. Steam broccoli for 10 minutes on medium
  2. 2. Combine steamed broccoli with remaining ingredients
  3. 3. Stir and serve!

Super easy yet super delicious.  I’m not much of a veggie fan myself, but I love this dish.

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