Simple Swaps: BPA Free Cans


You buy a can of beans or tomatoes with no preservatives and that seems like a healthy choice, right?  It may even be organic.  But, if the can is not BPA-free, the health consequences can be disastrous.

Why? BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical used in plastics and as a resin in cans.  It has been found to be dangerous and has been banned in all baby items in the US, but still appears in many other products.  BPA contains xenoestrogens, which mimics estrogen, causing dangerous levels of estrogen in the body.  Consumption can cause neurological damage, cancer (especially prostate and breast), hormonal disorders (PMS, menopause, infertility), thyroid disorders, pregnancy

complications and birth defects, hyperactivity in children, and weight gain.

Swapping frugally: This is a swap that I am currently implementing myself.  The cheapest solution for beans is to cook a large batch of beans, then freeze individual servings in glass jars.  I’d like to start buying tomatoes on sale, peeling and chopping them and then freezing them in glass jars.  Making and freezing your own soups and marinara sauces are also an idea.  If you prefer the convenience of canned food,  I’ve found that all Muir Glen products (tomatoes, sauce, soups, etc.) , Eden Foods beans, and Trader Joe’s beans, fish, corn, poultry and beef are BPA-free.  Many of these can be found at most grocery stores or online (see links below).  Muir Glen and Eden Foods often have coupons that can be found online (,, and their company websites).  In fact, by pairing coupons with a sale, I’ve gotten Muir Glen pizza sauce, tomato sauce, soups and tomatoes free.  Buying these on Amazon with their Subscribe and Save program can also save you a bundle.  If you purchase 5 Subscribe and Save items in a month, you’ll receive a 20% discount off of the entire order.  Plus, Amazon often has e-coupons you can pair with this.  Another option is to purchase these type of products in glass containers or paper packaging.  I’m still researching other products that are BPA-free and will update this list as I find them.  I’ve heard that Campbell’s will soon introduce BPA- free products, if only they’d work on the ingredients they use!

With these topics there is more information than can be fully covered in one post.  Please leave a comment below with any questions and stay tuned for more information in future posts.

Simple Swaps: Sea Salt

sea-saltWhen I first became sick, I had to very quickly make changes to my diet. There was no easing into it, as I felt the effects of every unhealthy choice I made. It was overwhelming to completely relearn everything I knew about cooking and food. I was eating a moderately healthy diet before, but I hadn’t realized how many unhealthy choices I was still making. From ingredients in baking to personal care,

I had to research and change everything that I was using. I’m hoping this series of “simple swaps” will help others make an easy transition into healthy living and eating.

I’ll start with an easy swap that many may already be doing, sea salt.

Table salt contains unnecessary ingredients such as sugar, unnatural iodine and anti caking agents. With the rapid drying method used to produce table salt, there are virtually no minerals left in it. Sea salt is a healthier choice as it contains trace minerals, including potassium, magnesium and calcium without the added chemicals and sugar.

Sea salt can be bought at any grocery store and is used the same in cooking. If you are sensitive to saltiness you many want to use a little less sea salt than you would table salt.

With these topics there is more information than can be fully covered in one post. Please leave a comment below with any questions and stay tuned for more information in future posts.

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